The Armor of God
Fred Flores          September 17, 2023
Harnessing Your Emotions
Mike Gibbs          September 10, 2023
The Divine Appoinment
Vic Ward          September 1, 2023
Nicole Johnson          August 27, 2023
Worship By: Jorgan
Tombs to Tabernacles
Becca Dyke          August 20, 2023
The Power of the Seed
The Value of Your Words
Mike Gibbs          August 13, 2023
Transparency Brings Intimacy
The Pathway to Power
Mike Gibbs              July 23, 2023
Change is a Part of Life
Freddy Estrella          July 16, 2023
Turning the ‘I’ to a ‘C’
Mike Gibbs          July 9, 2023
Eternal Longings of the Heart
Freddy Estrella          July 2, 2023
Don’t Drift Away
Ron Dockins          June 25, 2023
Mountain of Mercy
Fred Flores          June 18, 2023
Worship By:
JanelleBronnenberg and VicWard
What’s so good about the
“Good News”
Mike Gibbs          June 11, 2023
Worship By:  Mike Gibbs
Pentecost Sunday
and Memorial Day
Fred Flores         May 28, 2023
Testimony By:  Calvin Hartz
Worship By:  The Three Sisters
The Fig Leaf
Bryon Hall          May 21, 2023
Mother’s Day
Fred Flores               MAY 14, 2023
Rebecca Criswell – Testimony
Fred Flores          May 7, 2023
Building Itself Up In Love
Mark Seitz          April 30, 2023
Ephesians 4
First Love
Mark Seitz         April 23, 2023
Revelation 1: 17 – 2: 7
Seeing the Son of Man
Mark Seitz        April 16, 2023
Revelation 1:4-16
Easter Sunda
Mark Seitz               April 9, 2023
Palm Sunday
Fred Flores          April 2, 2023
Worship By:  Ken Nunes
History Written in Advance
Mark Seitz        March 26, 2023
Revelation 1:1-3
Worship By: Mike Gibbs
Written For Us
How the Bible Develops Our Life and Faith
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Revelation 1-1
Worship By:  Ken Nunes
March 19, 2023
Mark Seitz              February 12, 2023
Welcoming Differences in the Church
Romans 14:1-12
The Call to Love and Wake Up
Mark Seitz              January 29, 2023
Worship By:  Mike Gibbs
The Sanctity of Life
          Fred Flores           January 22, 2023
A Christian Attitude Toward Government
Mark Seitz               January 15,2023
Worship By:  Mike Gibbs 
The Purpose of Christ
Mark Seitz             January 1, 2023
Needs of the Saints
Mark Seitz      Ja 18, 2022nuary 22, 2023
How to Live as a Christian
Mark Seitz     December 11, 2022
Paying the Price of Honor
Mark Seitz      December 4, 2022
Gifts of Grace
      Mark Seitz      November 27, 2022
Worship By:  Ken Nunes 
The Great Commission
  Ron Dockins      November 20, 2022
Worship By:  Ken Nunes
The Renewed Mind
Mark Seitz      November 13, 2022
Worship By:  Mike Gibbs
Don’t Be Conformed By This World
Mark Seitz          November 6, 2022
Becoming a Spiritual Parent
Mark Seitz       October 30,2022
Interview with Pastor Albert Hung
Albert Hung       October 23,2022
The Feast of Booths
 Mark Seitz          October 16, 2022
Kind of People Who Emulate Jesus
Fred Flores             October 9,2022
Yom Kippur:  The Day of Atonement
Mark Seitz                October 2, 2022
 Worship by:  Mike Gibbs
Head of the Year
Mark Seitz       September 25, 2022
Trump of the Lord
Mark Seitz      September 18,2022
Be Transformed
Mark Seitz              Sptember 11, 2022
Worship by:  Ken Nunes
Grafting the Olive Tree Today
        Mark Seitz            September 4, 2022
Welcome Missionary Guest
.   John Moore           August 28, 2022
                Running Away from God’s Blessings
     Mark Seitz                      Auggust 21,2022
The Remnant of Israel
     Mark Seitz                       August 14,2022      
A Stumbling Performance
   Mark Seitz                            July 24,2022
Christ is the End of the Law
 Marke Sitz                         July 31,2022
Faith Comes by Hearing
   Mark Seitz                         August 7, 2022