Church Leadership Board:

Elizabeth Abshire
Ronda Ambrosini
Freddy Estrella
Fred Flores
Ian Flores
Susan Rios

Ministry Leaders:

Children’s Church: Ronda Ambrosini
Greeting Coordinator: Savannah Winters
Hospitality Ministry: Deb Dockins
Meals Ministry: Margie Loomis
Men’s Leader: Fred Flores
Nursery: Jenni Rexford
Phone Prayer Chain: Joyce Mitchell
Prayer Chain: Lucinda Gunn
Women’s Ministry: Melanie Sousa
Worship & Music: Mike Gibbs, Savannah Ferguson
We are a group of people who love Jesus and other people.  We meet together to strengthen our friendships, welcome others into our lives, give encouragement, receive support, celebrate stories of redemption, experience freedom, discover truth, and impact others with hope.
We are a Christian church, part of the universal Body of Jesus Christ.  We teach the Bible and take it seriously.
We talk about the blood of Jesus and love hearing the words “Amen” and “Hallelujah” in worship services.  We value people having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We value our local community and are happy to work with other churches that believe the Bible.
We support Biblical marriage, pray for the peaceful end of abortion, pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the State of Israel, and ask God’s blessing and revival upon the USA.