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February 2021

Creation Discovery Week Session 1

Origin of Time, Space, Matter & Energy”Creation Discovery Week Session 1″. Released: 2021.

June 2020

The Man of Lawlessness

“The Man of Lawlessness”. Released: 2020.

What is the Mark of the Beast

“What is the Mark of the Beast”. Released: 2020.

May 2020

Nearer Now Than When We First Believed

“Nearer Now Than When We First Believed”. Released: 2020.

Hope After Failure

“Hope After Failure”. Released: 2020.

The Blessing is in the Doing

“The Blessing is in the Doing”.

Washing Feet vs. Clean Heart

“Washing Feet vs. Clean Heart”.

April 2020

God’s Promise To Heal Us

“God’s Promise To Heal Us”.

Jesus’ Victory Is Our Victory

“Jesus’ Victory Is Our Victory”.

Resurrection and Repentance


Palm Sunday_ The Triumphal Entry

“Palm Sunday_ The Triumphal Entry”.

March 2020

The Target of Persecution_ Lazarus

“The Target of Persecution_ Lazarus”.

Our Bright Hope

“Our Bright Hope”.

February 2020

Plans to Kill Jesus

“Plans to Kill Jesus”.

Eternal Security

“Eternal Security”.